Structure & Curriculum

Functional Curriculum and Educational Phases:

Learning a functional curriculum is critical to helping learners who present with intellectual impairment reach their potential as active participants in home, school and community environments. Direct instruction is given in one or more of the following areas:


  • Personal Care Skills (bathing, grooming, toileting, sexuality, medical needs)
  • Domestic Skills (shopping, cooking, laundry, housekeeping)
  • Recreational Skills (swimming, skating, bowling, exercise)
  • Community Safety Skills (street crossing, use of crosswalk, use of walk button, store recognition, public transit use)
  • Employment Skills (pre-vocational/vocational skills, work experience)
  • Behaviour Management and Social Skills (self-regulation, recognition of emotions, social awareness)
  • Modified/Functional Academics (partial integration, small group instruction in areas supporting community life, food recognition, safety signs, time, money)